My Story...

I was about 16 when I received my first camera. It was a trusty point and shoot, with a tiny bit of zoom

and I LOVED it! Now we're talking almost (*cough cough) 30 years ago. So I was shooting with film. I can

remember the sound it would make after I'd take a photo and the film would wind on to the next frame.

It was auto wind, so it was pretty Once the roll was finished it would have to get developed.

And I'd have to wait to see if the photos I took were any good. Most, of course, were pretty bad. But every

now and then I would take a photo that was (well I thought it was) fabulous. It was those photos that led to wanting to be a photographer.


High school in Central Queensland did not provide many feasible options that would allow me to pursue photography as a career choice. So that dream was to be put on hold. Once I finished school life took it's course and I became a Mum at 19, with three more children coming by the time I was 26. Juggling four kids was no easy task but gave me plenty of opportunities to take photos. Documenting the many milestones that the kids go through and the changes in them as they grow. I still have boxes and boxes of photos and albums. I had painstakingly captioned every picture. Throughout their childhood, my kids LOVED those photos. They would look at them and ask me over and over to tell them the story behind each picture. Even as adults when someone pulls out an album they'll all sit around looking at them and talking about the memories attached to each picture.


After the kids had all started school, I started to work. I've had a LOT of different jobs. Some I liked, some I did not. Most had me feeling personally unsatisfied at the end of the day.  Then in January 2016, I hurt my shoulder at work. Constant pain. The non invasive treatment options weren't working. I had to have surgery after which I developed a frozen shoulder leaving me with more pain and little movement. With the doctors telling me nothing more could be done, except wait for it to resolve itself. Which could take two to four YEARS! I fell into a deep depression. Chronic pain does bad things to your brain. It was such an awful time.

Light at the end of the tunnel...

In March 2017, I was gifted my first DSLR camera.  A second hand Canon EOS 550D. Now I didn't have the first clue how to use it. It didn't even come with a manual. But I was hooked. I joined every photography related Facebook group I could find. I looked up YouTube tutorials. I found a copy of the manual, then downloaded and printed it. I was absorbed and while it didn't take the pain or the depression away, it gave me something else to focus on. And it got me out of the house.

I was taking photos of everything. Landscapes, still life, my kids and anyone else's kids I could borrow. I researched editing software and taught myself how to use it. It felt so good to to be passionate about something again! My friends and family told me that the photos I took were fantastic. But I lacked confidence, and felt like an inexperienced novice. I was just happy that my passion had been rekindled and people were finding joy from the images I took.

After months of learning, practising, and braving the critiques from 'real' photographers in the Facebook groups, I began to feel encourage and supported. An idea started to form; maybe I might be able to make a go of it?  Maybe even go into business. I had doubts by the truck load; was I good enough?  Would I get bookings? Was I past my prime?  Was I too old to start?  Was my dream crazy?

But there was also a little part of me that thought go on, give it a go. So I jumped. And it has been the best thing I could have done. I am being invited into people's lives to capture their most precious moments. The joy that it brings me when clients see their photos is, honestly, unparalleled. To know they are going to have those photos displayed in their homes; and then passed down for generations is phenomenal. Helping people to safe guard their memories is what gets me out of bed each morning :).

I'd love to get to know your story, help you capture it, and keep it alive. <3