Why do I make it magical?

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

If you're familiar with my style of photography, you will have noticed the extra magical elements I include in the photos I capture. Whilst I always include the classic portrait style as well, it's the magical details that I love to add the most. They were what inspired me to take this direction with my photography. It can be as simple as a sky replacement or as dramatic as turning bright summer day into a snowy winter one.


Because the looks on the children's faces when they see themselves in such a magical landscape, it lights them up! The pure and innocent look of wonder as their eyes dart from photo, to me, to Mum and Dad and back to the photo. Their mouths agape in awe and saying 'the fairies are real, Mum' or 'how did you do that?' I get to answer, it's magic. It is but a mere moment, but it is a moment captured in a photo, that they will remember forever! Every time they see that photo, they will remember that feeling of seeing magic! They will then pass that down to their own children and even to their grandchildren.

When we are children everything is possible, and that is something I have never lost. I especially loved it when my own children were little. I would get lost in telling them stories of fairies and the creatures at the bottom of the garden.

Now, with the skills and knowledge I have gained through photography, I can create images that bring the impossible to life. I want to show all children (little and big) that you're never to old to believe in MAGIC!

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