Family love at the beach!

I never thought I would be back taking photos at the beach. The first session I ever did there was a disaster, and I swore I'd never do another. But along came Alicea and her partner Anthony with their two gorgeous kids. Xavier and Havana. They are very much a beach family and live very close to the lovely Pumicestone Passage and Bribie Island. Spending most of their weekends fishing and swimming. So when it came time to choose the location for their family photos, there really was no other option. I would have to put on my big girl pants and step it up for this beautiful family. Your family photos should always represent who you are!

Looking back at the first session I could now see how things went so wrong. At the time I was very inexperienced both with taking photos and also editing them. Now I have 3 years of experience under my belt. My confidence in my work and my ability had grown exponentially. Confidence is key! I also have confidence in my knowledge of my camera and what it can do. As well as the lenses and what type of photos they can produce.

I also realised the location used in the first session, was not ideal! Yes, it was at the beach. But it was Woorim Beach, Bribie Island and way to windy, the sun went down behind buildings, the waves weren't great and there was a tonne of other beach goers. I was completely unprepared. This time, I researched tides, sunset times and positions. I made sure we were in a sheltered area so the wind was our friend and not my enemy. I found the perfect spot and scouted the area multiple times to make sure everything was going to work. Shooting in public spaces across the Moreton Bay Region, I can't guarantee no other people will be there. But I can do my best to find somewhere that has the fewest.

Talking, directing and posing clients is also something that I didn't do well in that first session. Because, honestly, I really had no idea what I was Now I take a few of the posed shots where everyone is looking and smiling. Then the rest really are all about you having fun as a family. Walking together. Kids running and jumping. The props we use also prompt the kids to play. Xavier and Havana loved collecting shells, solider crabs and other interesting bit and pieces and placing them in the bucket. And I couldn't go past bringing the pirate ship. I mean, it was the absolute perfect place for it. Xavier had his pirate hat on for ages!

This beautiful family and their photos has completely turned me around on beach sessions. And I am SOOOOO glad. I am so glad to have been pushed outside my comfort zone. The beach will no longer conjure fear and dread for this photographer. I am now busting to do other sessions there. I have even more ideas I want to try. Are you and your family beach people? I wanna hear from you! Get in touch today. We can make more beach magic!

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