Can I just get the digitals?

This is a question I am asked all the time! So I wanted to take a few minutes to let you know why I don't do digital only packages. And more importantly, why you don't want just the digital images.

First, I want you to take a moment to think about why you just want the digital images?




My guess is you've got one of these top 5 reasons......

  1. So you can share on social media with family and friends.

  2. You can print them yourself cheaper.

  3. You'll be able to print as many copies as you like.

  4. You think they'll last forever this way.

  5. It has to be better value with only digitals.

Let's break it all down, and hopefully by the end of this post I have been able to not only change your mind, but also help you realise that the true value of your images lies in having them professionally printed as heirloom quality products. That will last for generations!

What is a "photo" these days?

In this digital time we feel like "photos" means the digital file. But in the days when cameras captured images on film, did anyone expect to receive the negatives from their photographer? Probably not.

It was not so long ago that we considered "photos" as the prints, and nobody ever asked for the negatives. Now the digital is the modern day negative. Where adjustments and edits are made to create the perfect photo.

Ok, so let's get to those top 5 reasons...

1. So you can share on social media with friends and family.

Yep, I totally understand. None of my family live nearby. And I love seeing my nieces and nephews photos on Facebook and Instagram. I get that it's important to have shareable images. All my packages come with the social media ready digital file, for you to share immediately. Both Facebook and Instagram, and even email to a degree, compress photos on their platforms to make room for the billions of photos on their servers. This can distort and alter the look of your photos, that's why I supply you with a resized, low resolution image that suits the platforms and still looks perfect. But just because you want to share them digitally doesn't mean you shouldn't print.

You shouldn't need electricity to look at a photo of a loved one!

2. You can print them yourself cheaper.

Let me ask you, if you have the choice between watching standard definition TV or HD TV which would you choose? You go HD right? Because the quality and picture is simply sharper and clearer and just better to watch.

You chose your photographer because you love their style and the type of photos they take. You invest your time and money into finding the perfect outfits, organising the kids and partners. Spend an hour or so at the session, and then pay your photographer to take the photos, and edit them to the highest professional standard (which is why you choose them in the first place). Then you want to take your photos on USB to print at Kmart or Officeworks? Or somewhere similar? Where they come out and everyone's skin is the wrong colour. The backgrounds all discoloured. Would you really want these hanging and displayed in your home, to look at every day?

Kmart and other retail print outlets are chasing price. They print with the cheapest inks, the cheapest paper and the products are not made to last. The fade quickly, discolour even further which leaves your memories looking a bit on the sad side. Your family deserves better than that.

Printing through your photographer means the best quality prints available!

I prepare and format every print file for size and printing surface. The process differs between fine art prints, canvas, metal etc. I make sure each file will look perfect. Then I send it to my professional print lab. My screen is colour calibrated to their printers, so I know what I see on my screen is exactly what the finished product will look like.

Professional print labs source the highest grade inks and papers available and are guaranteed to look perfect and last generations. In fact all of my products have a full replacement guarantee should anything change. Ever. The finished results are crisp, clear, vibrant high resolution fine art products that you have to see to believe and that literally last a lifetime with that 75 year guarantee.

This is how I am able to supply and guarantee you will receive the absolute best there is. Your memories are your legacy.

I care that your photos are perfect.

Kmart doesn't...

3. So you can make as many copies as you like.

Sure, but... well we kinda just covered why this is not ideal. Your photographer will always have your digital files on hand to print more for you any time you need them. However with the matching digital files included in all packages, you can print your own photos for Christmas cards or scrapbooking, so long as you enjoy the professional quality products first.

If you don't think printed photos

are that important...

wait until they are all you have left.

4. You think they'll last forever this way.

Think again, we have entered the era of the lost generation. Photographically speaking. The most photographed generation in history could end up with no photos of their childhood. We live in a digital age and we take more pictures than ever before, but we are going to be a generation with more lost images than any other. As technology changes at lightning speed, these images are sadly going to be lost. So the memories you are so desperate to capture today, won’t be around tomorrow.

You get your USB of photos in 2021. Put them on your devices and even save them to cloud. Now let's fast forward ten years. It's 2031, your baby girl is turning 10 and wants to see her baby photos. Where are they? You've gotten the brand new device that's just come out. Like most people do every couple of years, and your digital files weren't transferred. It doesn't even have a USB port. Remember when computers came with CD drives? But that's ok, you saved them to the cloud and the account you have is with a company that still exists and by some miracle you remember the password. Let's find them in there.....

The software of 2031 is unable to read the JPG's. That's it, they're gone. Unrecoverable. Technology moves soooo fast! The computers and devices of the future haven't even been invented yet. And we have no idea how they are going to work. Think back 25 years ago, the floppy disk was the high tech storage. Then came CD's. Now both completely obsolete. Prints last forever.

Ok, let's not go ten years. We'll just go a few months. You want to look at that family day out at the beach. Plug your USB in and you see this, the rainbow of death.

Whhaaatttt?? It was fine when you last looked at it?

Digital files can get corrupted at any time, without warning. Sometimes it's just little lines, sometimes much worse like this and sometimes the file or USB just flat out will not open.

No body really knows the lifespan of a file, but we do know that over time, they are more likely to degrade and then you will be left with nothing.

Technology changes.

Prints don't.

Print what you want to preserve.

5. It has to be better value with only the digitals.

Anyone can “give you JUST digital files.” Anyone. It takes no special skill. You could get someone take some snapshots, put some filters over them and email them to you and you're good to go. Why pay me? My clients come to me because they want more than that. I take all images with great care and attention to detail, and I make sure they are edited the same way. I will go over your images inch-by-inch - correcting skin colour, removing fly-away hairs and blemishes, calming down distractions, brightening eyes, making sure the image is as warm and pleasing as possible.

Adding those magical touches that probably drew you to my work originally. The bulk of my work as an artist is in that digital file. That's what I spend the most of my time, talent and skill on. Skill and knowledge I have gained over the years working as a professional. It's my job as a professional to continue to expand my skills. So I can be on the top of my game and supply my clients with the best of the best. And I don’t believe the photography experience is over until I place a print in your hand.

From this.... To this....

The true value of a photo is only realised

years after it has been taken.

For me, the main reason I have print packages, is YOUR KIDS!

If all your photos are digital. Stored on your phone, computer and devices. When do you kids see them? When do they get to hold them and love on them. They want to talk about the day they went to the beach, their last birthday party or when had their photos taken with the funny lady. And the beautiful white dress they got to wear. Or the pirate ship they got to play with. The whole adventure we had. Your photography experience with me is just that a whole experience. Some that the kids talk about for days and months afterwards.

Studies have shown seeing their favourite photo of themselves hanging in the lounge room or on their bedside table creates a sense of family belonging and feeling safe. Having and proudly displaying your family photos in your home also boosts your kids self esteem. David Krauss, a licensed psychologist from Cleveland, Ohio and co-author with Jerry Fryrear of "Photo Therapy and Mental Health," says "It's important not only to be photographed in ways that indicate caring, nurturing, love and success, but also to see those images and take them in."

That's gotta be the best reason of all, right!<