Best time of year for your family photo session!

We have just hit the middle of summer! But this is Brisbane, we've still got a lot of warm/hot days to go. Personally, I can't WAIT for it to get a little cooler. When you're considering to have an outdoor family photography session, the time of year can play a big part in that decision. We are quite spoilt here in South East Queensland to have some of the most temperate weather in the world. Yes, we can have the crazy summer storm and cyclone season. But typically, we do have gorgeous weather.

Comfort is the number one factor to consider when choosing what time of year to have your family photos done. You don't want to be feeling red faced and sticky from the heat and humidity in the summer months. Then alternatively, you may not want to be out freezing your butts off in the winter either. These reasons are generally why Autumn and Spring are the most popular seasons to book in for your family photos. Autumn brings the temperature down and creates those gorgeous colours. We dig out the winter woollies and dust off the boots. Spring brings a pop of colour. All the flowers are coming out and the skies are big and blue.

Outfits and colours are the next issue to think about. Warm, bright afternoons typically have you thinking about light pastels and cool blues, greens and sunshiny yellows. With strappy dresses and sandals. Brisk, nippy arvos of Autumn will conjure a darker mood and colours like deep burgundy, forest green and mustard. With knitted jumpers, beanies and scarves. Creating layers and different textures. Which work really great in photos, just FYI :). Which of these colour combinations would best suit your family? What vision do you have for the imagery of how your family photos will look hanging in your home?

Rain is the bane of any outdoor photographers existence. And is almost always the reason we would have to reschedule your session. As I mentioned above, our Brisbane summer also means it's storm and cyclone season. While there are plenty of summer days that are perfectly fine without a cloud in the sky, booking a session in the summer months can sometimes mean running the gauntlet. Especially, because the rain and storm tend to build during the day then come late afternoon. Which is the exact time we would have you booked in. Autumn and Winter tend to be the driest seasons in South East Queensland. With low humidity and mild daytime temperatures, meaning they are perfect for avoiding having to reschedule due to rain.

Light. Chasing the light is what photographers do! It is the most important aspect of capturing the perfect photo. Bright, harsh sunlight is not ideal. It can blow out skin tones and creates dark shadows where you don't want them. This is the main reason I schedule all sessions for that last hour of daylight before the sun sets. However, even in summer that last hour can still be quite bright and of course the sun sets later. At the moment sunset is around 6:45pm, and for some families booking to start a session at 5:45pm doesn't work all that well. Jump to the 15th June, the sunset is at 5:00pm. Which makes a 4:00pm start time a lot easier to work with, as well the sun being that little further away, creating some of the most perfect conditions for us outdoor photographers.

These factors are just some of what you may like to consider when finding that perfect date for your session. If you have full flexibility, then pick the season that speaks to your heart. If you have a tight schedule or time limits, choose the one that suits your family the most. I am here to photograph you all year round. With Autumn and Spring being the most popular, my calendar does not take long to fill up. Get in touch today to chat about when you'd like to book you session.

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