You've just booked your session with us, and you're super excited (as are we).  But you're probably wondering: "what's next?" This guide will help walk you through the steps you need to prepare your family for your photography session. We go over everything from wardrobe to how to get the kids (and dad) ready. We are so excited to work with you and your family. If you have any questions along the way, please just let me know. We love to help!

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Wardrobe: "What will we wear?"

The hardest question everyone asks themselves after booking a photo session is: "What will we wear?"  We totally understand! 

When we start styling your session, we suggest starting with Mum and then working out from there. Whether you want to purchase all new clothes, or you want to use that dress you love, it's a great place to start. You don't have to start with Mum's outfit though. Just pick one item first. Then you can pull your colours and textures and build up from that starter piece. 

Things to keep in mind:

  • comfort:  you want everyone to be comfy at your session. We'll be moving around on our adventure, so make sure you put yourself and the kids in something that moves with you and isn't itchy or too tight. You'll be hearing about it all session, trust me.

  • accessorise it:  hats, scarves, blankets, headbands, suspenders, etc. All these things are a great way to add another layer of your style into your session.

  • textures & layers:  Layers add texture and textures add interest. Denim, chunky knits, lace, cords, etc. I love the way a chunky cardigan looks. Or a denim shirt tied at the waist. These are all great ways to incorporate your style.

  • colour:  make sure the colours you choose complement each other. Colours that will stand out best are muted, earthy tones. Some examples are: mustard yellow, mauve pink, browns or khaki, dark blue, hunter green, dark reds/oranges

  • MAKE IT YOUR OWN:  this session is about you!  And it's so important to make sure that your family's personality shines through in every aspect. 

Things to avoid:

  • giant logos:  shirts that have giant logos on them can distract from your beautiful faces. Just say no.

  • neon colours:  just say no to hot pink and lime green

  • matchy-matchy:  matching outfits are super cute, we know, but they can also seem very redundant and dare we say boring. Having different colours, patterns, textures, etc is super important to create interest and diversity in your family's images.

Pinterest is an amazing place for clothing ideas and colour combos. We have added a few of our favourite pins here.

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What to expect: "What will our session be like?"

Our main focus is to capture your family at this time of your lives! We want to capture moments not poses. And we want to embrace all the beautiful imperfections. At our session, we will play, adventure, snuggle, run, jump, and maybe even get a little dirty. We'll start off our session by getting that perfect posed shot out of the way. We usually like to do one standing and one sitting pose. And then we'll start our adventure.  We encourage clients to bring items that represent them, their family, and/or their hobbies. Using props that are meaningful to you, are great additions to your session. We will also have a collection of different props available to inspire a little magic. Including outfits from my client wardrobe.

We like to start my sessions about 1 hour before sunset, and they generally last an hour. We have a few locations picked our in my local area that we can use. But if you have a spot for your session in mind (maybe it's special to your family, or you just love the way it looks) We want to know! We love going to new places and experiencing new things. And adding that special element to your session is what makes it more unique. 

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The week before:

"How do I prep the kids for our photo session?"

The week or two before your session, start bringing me up in conversation. You can refer to me as Tarlee, or just the photographer lady. Tell your kids about the fun adventure we'll be having. I am totally not above bribery. A fun ice cream date after our session is always a big hit. Just make sure you let the kids know we're going to have fun! If they get worried about behaving perfectly then it will show in the images. I love taking time to connect with your kids to get those fun images of them.

"How should we parents prep ourselves?"

Don't put any pressure on yourselves, you guys just have to relax and enjoy loving on each other and going on the adventure too.  It's my job to get you all looking in the right direction and smiling and laughing at all the right times.  Mum's, pamper yourself. Get your hair or nails done (if that's your thing).  Remember to just have fun with your family. This is the time to be your true self with your beautiful family, enjoy it.

Need help? Just ask:

I am here to help in any way that you may need, from helping with wardrobe choices, or deciding between whether or not to bring your child's blankie. I want to make this session awesome for you, and I love getting involved in all the details. So if you have a question about anything, please don't hesitate to ask. You can email, text 0414 493 988, or send a Facebook message.

Session Day: "It's finally here!"

The day of your session is here! We've picked out the perfect time and location, and your wardrobe is ready to go. You've spent weeks preparing, and it's finally time. I'm getting just as excited as you are.

Things to remember:

  • Have fun! This is so important that you and your kids enjoy this experience because it will show up in your photos if someone, just isn't having it. Relax and love on your family.

  • This time is about you and what makes your family special. We'll spend the first little bit getting to know each other. We'll knock out the perfect pose photos (ones where everyone is looking and smiling), and then set off. 

  • Moments over poses: after we get the poses out of the way, you don't have to look at the camera anymore. You totally can if you want, but it's not required. 

  • Connection: This can be through touching each other, eye contact, holding hands, head tilts or even a high five. Telling jokes and getting each other to laugh is also awesome.

  • Don't stress: if your kids are nervous or acting a little wild, that's totally ok! I embrace children in every aspect of themselves. We're focusing on moments, so a shy kiddo can get extra snuggles and a wildling can have extra run time. It's all about your family at this time in your lives! Remember that. 

  • Bring snacks, water, jackets/cardigans (if it's cold), more water and snacks, and extra change of clothes in case someone gets too messy for the car ride home. 

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Last but not least, let your kids play. Let them be goofy and silly. Some of those candid shots of them where they don’t even know I am taking their picture can be some of the best!  Trust ME!  And don’t worry about the little things. I can get rid of boogers, boo boos and blemishes, etc! Your pictures will be beautiful! Just have FUN and enjoy this time with your family!