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Tarlee Barrett

Lover of all things magical.  Fairies and elves especially.

Founder of Lily & Sage Photography.  Lead photographer, creative stylist and collector of props.  Has worked with children for 25 years, as a mum, kindy volunteer, aunt and friend.  Photographing children and families since 2017.


1:1 mentor-ship with Little Field Art by Jenifer Dickinson


Family and capturing that perfect cheeky smile.

Life philosophy 

"You are the author of your own life!"

Tayah Higgins

Professional baby cuddler.

Dutiful daughter, dedicated assistant, prop carrier and people placer.  



Babies of all sizes and chocolate.

Life philosophy 

"You cant measure your own progress beside someone else's, at the end of the day you're in charge of your own success."

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Published in Shutter Up Magazine issue #180, February 2021.

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Bronze level award - RISE International Photography Awards 2020

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Placed in the top 100 of 10,436 photos - Shoot & Share Contest 2020